Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be an agreement between an insurance policyholder and an insurance company where the insurer pledges to spend a sum of little money in exchange for a premium, as on the death of a policy hold person or at a set period. Here, at Good Life Financial Hub Life Insurance, you pay premiums for a specific term, and in return, we provide you with a Life Cover. This Life Cover assures security towards your loved ones for their future by paying a protective sum amount in case if a misfortunate happened. Maturity Benefit in some policies an amount at the completion of the policy term.

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Hold up understands most used terms commonly Life Insurance:

  • Life Assured: It is the individual who protected under the insurance policy
  • Proposer: It to person pays the premiums for the taken policy. Similarly, if you have an insurance policy for a family member, you are the proposer, and the family member is the Life Assured.
  • Beneficiary or Nominee: It is a person suggested by the policy buyer to receive the beneficiary on the insurance policy in your absence.
  • Insurer: As an insurance company that sells the life insurance policy is called the (for example, Good Life Financial Hub Life Insurance).
  • Life Cover: It is the amount paid to your Nominee in case of an unfortunate event.
  • Maturity Benefit: For Protection include Savings policies, the pays a structured sum of money completion of the policy term amount is defined to be Maturity Amount.
  • Premium: A premium is an amount you pay for receiving the benefits of the insurance policy Payment is to be made term the policy duration, for a term period of years or opted the policy under you choose.
  • Premium Payment Term: The number of years you pay the premiums is the Premium Payment Term.
  • Policy Term: A termed number of long for that the policy Life Cover continues.

Let us understand how Life Insurance works:

The best way to have a life insurance policy to secure the future is a must and every individual to the term for their loved ones as a number of available life