Fixed Deposit

A fixed deposit or FD is an investment instrument that banks and non-banking firms (NBFC) provide their customers. Through FD, folks invest a definite add of cash for an amount at a planned rate of interest in an FD. The speed of interest varies from one financial organization to a different it is typically beyond the interest offered on savings accounts.

Fixed deposits are obtainable for various periods, starting from terribly short-run tenures of 7-14 days to the long tenure of ten years set deposit typically referred to as a term deposit.

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Types of Fixed Deposits

Before you invest in a very fixed deposit, you need to apprehend the various FDs offered within the market.

Standard Term Deposits
  • Standard Fixed deposits are investment schemes you invest quantity for a set amount and a planned charge per unit. The amount of investment or tenure will vary from a minimum of seven days up to ten years. The interest offered depends on the length of investment furthermore because the financial organization provides this instrument.
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